Welcome to Mental Health Services Checkup

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We are excited to invite you to assist us in conducting a checkup on student mental health services offered at San Francisco State University. According to the 2018 American College Health Association (ACHA) National College Health Assessment (NCHA), SF State student respondents reported the following:

  • Stress, anxiety, sleep difficulties, and depression were the top factors students indicated as negatively impacting their academic performance;
  • 15% of surveyed students reported seriously considering suicide in the last 12 months; and
  • 43% of students experienced more than average stress within the last 12 months.

Based on this data, along with other feedback from the campus community, the Division of Student Affairs (DSA), in consultation with the Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC), and on behalf of Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS), Health Promotion & Wellness (HPW), and Student Health Services (SHS), is engaging the student body in alternative consultation to consider a proposal to increase the Student Health Service Fee (SHSF) and the Health Facilities Fee (HFF). The increased fees would underwrite and extend existing commitments to enhance the development and delivery of comprehensive student mental health and wellbeing services and seek to foster SF State community wellness in accordance with stated campus values and priorities.

The Proposal

At this point, and prior to more in-depth student consultation, the general details of the fee increase proposal are:

  • SHSF: In Fall 2020, increase the current $157 fee by a minimum of $60 per semester and apply an index
  • HFF: In Fall 2020, increase the current $3 fee by a minimum of $15 per semester and apply an index
  • Fees will be adjusted annually by a healthcare cost index (e.g. Milliman Medical Index)
  • Due to input of student leaders, we are also discussing increasing the fee by $5 in 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024, in order to get the level of mental health programs and services students are expecting
  • Aspects of this proposal will be adjusted based on the collective input of students

To learn more about the fees, please visit our Health Fee Overview page.

The Process

DSA is currently engaging the student body in alternative consultation through three phases, including: Phase I - Broad information dissemination and solicitation; Phase II - Outreach; and Phase III - Compile, analyze, and present results. The specific details of the plan are in the Division of Student Affairs Plan for Alternative Consultation.